What is this course about?

In this Mini Course you will learn how to use  the power of your subconscious mind and make it into your superpower.

Learn How to master you mind and how to connect to the power of your subconscious mind using the proven method that has been around for ages. In this class you will get a step by step guide so you can master you mind. 

What will you learn in this course? You will learn how to ask questions to your subconscious mind and how to get response and learn how to listen for the response. 

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Course Curriculum

This course is designed to effectively introduce you to the basics of working with your subconscious mind , even if you have never done it before.

Collapsible content

1. Creating the perfect state so you can start to connect to your mind

Mind, body, soul. In order for you to connect to your subconscious mind there are a few things you can do to get into a great state.

2. Designing your desire and dreams

Using a few tools to make it more clear what you want.

3. Step by step curriculum

Download the free Workbook where you will find both tasks and step by step what the course teach.

4. Connect to other peoples subconscious mind.

Maybe you want to connect to someone special. Maybe a future manager or a love partner. You will learn how.

5. Ask and receive answers from your subconscious mind

This is amazing. You will learn how to ask questions and then where to find the answers. Make this your superpower.

6. 5 Lessons

5 video lessons that will take you from start to understand how to master it.

About the author

Hey! My name is Alea.

I am from Sweden, I have been working with the law of attraction and the subconscious mind since I was 16 years old.  I have reached many people by connecting to their subconscious mind. Some of my friends I can reach within minutes - just by connecting to their mind. 

I've started with the law of attraction. That's when I've become interested in the subconscious mind. I think that connecting to your subconscious is one of the most important and one of the most difficult areas in the industry of mind and meditation. But over time I've begun to understand it and today I can master it. I can make myself go into sleep-meditation using this method and ask a question in my mind and in the morning I have an answer. This is my superpower. In this masterclass I will give you my exact process so you can do the same.

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A few examples from the teacher.

A few examples where I used my subconscious mind to get answers or attract people.

  1. You have problem but you don't know to solve it. Ask your subconscious mind and you will get answer.
  2. I had a strange smell in my car but I couldn't understand where it came from. I asked my subconscious mind. I got the answer where the smell came from and when I went to look it was at that exact spot.
  3. I connected to my new manager. I took me less than a week to get the job. 
  4. I asked my subconscious mind about the date for the interview. (For the job I wanted) Got a "message" from my subconscious mind in the beginning of a week around 2-3 pm in the afternoon. I got the interview in 2 days later at a Monday at 3 pm.
  5. I connected to numerous people using my subconscious mind to influence them. So when they saw me they were attracted to me.
  6. Found and connected to my husband 
  7. Connected to many people around the globe. Within seconds or minutes when I connect to them they will contact me. 

I have many, many more situations when I have been using this. A disclaimer is that you need to learn, you need to practise this to master your mind.

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